Technology Assignments

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Technology Assignment 1

This assignment gives a list of websites that are helpful for teachers.  The websites include topics such as lesson pans, new teacher support, curriculum standards and more.

Technololgy Assignment 2

This assignment is an evaluation of the five websites selected in assignment #1.

Technology Assignment 3

Assignment 3 includes 5 scenarios in which students have different learning styles or learning disabilities.  I researched different ways in which each student could be assisted using technology and noted the source for this information.

Technology Assignment 4

Assignment 4 is a Parent Newsletter that I made to introduce myself to parents, explain goals, procedures, and rules of my classroom, and list state standards covered in chemistry.

Technology Assignment 5

This assignment is a color-coded spreadsheet of student Chemistry exam grades.  There is also one example of a bar graph showing the progress of one student.  This assignment was done in Excel, but I could not upload the Excel spreadsheet.  Therefore, I copied and pasted the information into a word document so that it could be available on this site.

Covalent Bonding Lesson Plan

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Lesson Description

This was a lesson that I taught in my chemistry class about covalent bonding on March 19-20, 2007. I basically lectured to give the information that they needed. However, I made the lecture as interactive as possible by asking questions and having students read parts of the notes. After the lecture, I guided them through several types of examples of the skills and knowlede that they needed to understand. For independent practice, I used a class set of models which allows students to build covalent molecules. While they were building the models, they had to also draw the structures of the molecules on their papers. I also gave them worksheets for homework to practice the drawing covalent molecules and to reinforce covalent bonding theory. After two days of covalent bonding material, I gave them a quiz to assess their mastery of the objectives. The complete lesson plan is attached.

Covalent Bonding Lesson Plan


Lesson Reflection

Here are the results for each objective for each period.

Average Mastery per Period, per Objective

Obj 1 vocab

Obj 2 sdt bond

Obj 3 σ/p bond

Obj 4 Lew. Dot


Period 1






Period 2






Period 3






Overall Average






After the lesson, I thought that it may have been better to find a way to break up the 40 minutes of Teacher Input on Day 1. I could have had some quick rotating stations with pictures of molecules with single, double, and triple bonds. Then at each station I could have asked questions about the pi and sigma bonds, number of electrons shared, etc. I think that it may have been a better way to get my kinesthetic learners moving a little bit more on day 1, and perhaps still that covalent bonding theory in their heads a little bit more. However, based on the class averages, they did not seem to need extra practice with it anyways.

I also think that they could have used some more practice with drawing covalent molecules. That was the weak point in all three classes with an overall average of 73%. A lot of my students still seemed quite confused about when and why to form double and triple bonds. So, perhaps if I made this a 3 day lesson, with the quiz on a Day 4 they would have understood the formation of multiple bonds with Lewis Dot Structures a little better. Then I could have scaffolded the bonding by sticking to single bonds on day 1, adding double and triple bonds on day 2, and then adding polyatomic ions on day 3 before testing them on day 4.

About Me

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Hello, my name is N’Djamina Angelika Johnson.  I was born in Landstuhl, Germany–I’m a military brat.  I’ve lived in Germany for 9 years of my life including all of elementary and middle school.  I used to speak a lot of German, but I’ve lost most of it now that I never speak it.  I went to high school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Carlisle is a little tiny town near Harrisburg known for its car shows, the U.S. Army War College, and Dickinson College.


 I attended college at the University of Pittsburgh–home of the Superbowl XL Champions–THE STEELERS!!!  I was involved in lots of clubs and worked as a tutor at the Academic Resource Center while I attended Pitt.  I graduated in April 2006 as biology major, chemistry minor and a certificate in Africana Studies.  Over the summer I was involved in a super intense teacher training program in Atlanta, Georgia.  Soon thereafter, I moved to Charlotte, NC–the beautiful Queen City.

pic of school.gif:

I teach at the home of the Raiders, E.E. Waddell High School.  I teach chemistry to 10th, 11th and some 12th grade students.  My students are great, and I am excited to learn more about teaching and working with my students as I continue my professional development with UNCC.

My parents are still at home in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  My older brother lives in nearby Harrisburg, PA.  My older sister just moved from Baltimore, MD to Carlisle, Pa.  Now, everyone is close to home except me!  But I love to travel, and I love change and it’s been quite an experience trying so many new things in the Queen City.  I still feel that teaching has kept me home a lot, and I haven’t seen as much of Charlotte as I’d like to.  However, I love trying new things and I’m sure I’ll be getting out more as I get more settled into this teaching profession.

Statement of Commitment


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